Flight Management System

Give your Ad Ops and Sales teams superpowers

Why Flightpath?

Effectively scale your ad operations with the only flight management system that operates independent of your DAI hosts, built by a podcast network for podcast networks.

Built for your growth.

Network availability. Ad buy performance. Producer Management. Finance integration. Forecasting. And the best Ad Ops tools in the business.

Built for scale.

performance prediction

Future availability and prediction on oversold inventory and under-performance. Our prediction system Precog 1.4 is aware of upcoming episode releases, flighting parameters, competition for available placements, past show performance, and more.

intelligent flighting alerts

Your team is alerted to problems before they happen. And can fix them before clients are impacted. Fewer make-goods equals more profits.

host management and automation

Flightpath is built to manage your DAI host, letting your team focus on what matters to your business – delivering results for your clients. Flightpath automation enables features that may not be supported by all DAI hosts such as multiple creative, opt-in campaigns, and more.

real-time business insights

Scaling a successful sponsorship-driven business requires visibility into performance across channels and monetization partners. Flightpath offers reporting and insights built by a podcast network for podcast networks.

producer and creative management

No more herding cats. Flightpath provides tools for your sales team to determine client fit. And we manage client approval and creative flighting into your DAI with configurable workflows.

stop paying for wasted time

Air checks, proof-of-run reports, line-item invoice creation, producer payout tracking, campaign communication, and process backfill reports. All at the push of a button.

Support for leading DAI hosts

We are proud to be able to support our clients on a growing number of world-class, API-enabled Digital Ad Insertion hosting platforms.

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"Flightpath is just approaching beta launch and it's already revolutionized the ad tech industry"

Bryan Barletta
Sounds Profitable

"We have the lowest make-goods in the industry. And the best service. We couldn't do that without Flightpath."

Russ More
Ad Ops Manager, Fable and Folly